Rule 21 – Referee

21.01 (1) A person assigned the powers and duties of a referee under subsection 73 (2) of the Courts of Justice Act may, if directed by the regional senior justice or his or her designate,

(a) hear disputes of proposals of terms of payment under rule 9.03;

(b) conduct settlement conferences under rule 13;

(c) hear motions for consolidation orders under rule 20.09; and

(d) assess receipted disbursements for fees paid to the court, an authorized court transcriptionist or a sheriff under the regulations made under the Administration of Justice Act.  O. Reg. 78/06, s. 49; O. Reg. 393/09, s. 24; O. Reg. 171/14, s. 1.

(2) Except under subrule 9.03 (5) (order as to terms of payment), a referee shall not make a final decision in any matter referred to him or her but shall report his or her findings and recommendations to the court.  O. Reg. 78/06, s. 49.