About Justice Matters.


small claims court paralegalJustice Matters was founded by Charles Foster in 2001.  Charles focused exclusively in Ontario’s Small Claims Court and for the next 15 years, while under his guidance, the firm handled thousands of cases.  Charles himself attended court over 3,000 times.

Over the years the firm employed many paralegals and played host to dozens of paralegal co-op students.  The firm has also been a leader in such specific areas of practice as consumer and debtor’s rights, trucking law and home renovation cases.

More recently Justice Matters has expanded into provincial offences (traffic tickets) and landlord and tenant law.

Furaz Alvi

Small Claims Court paralegalHistorically a debtor’s representative with his own firm, Furaz now operates under the Justice Matters banner. His experience as a debtor’s representative has given him valuable negotiating experience and this is one of the reasons his settlement rate is in excess of 85% of cases heard.

Since 2015 Furaz has been the managing force behind Justice Matters handling the majority of cases and ensuring the smooth operation of the firm.  He graduated at the top of his program at Sheridan College with a 4.0/4.0 GPA and was among the first generations of paralegals to become licensed since the introduction of the regulatory regime in 2007. He is a mentor to paralegal students looking to complete their placement/internship and an active member of the Ontario Paralegal Association.

Furaz was born in Toronto, Ontario and spent most of his life in the Region of Peel. He is fluent in English, Urdu/Hindi and Punjabi.

Ahad Hassan

Ahad is an associate paralegal assisting Justice Matters with Provincial Offences (traffic tickets) and routine Small Claims Court matters. In addition, Ahad handles much of the initial client intake and relationship management. Ahad completed his paralegal diploma from Algonquin College in 2011. Thereafter, Ahad went on to complete his BA (Honours) from York University in 2015. While continuing to work as a paralegal Ahad is also preparing for his LSAT and looking to further his legal education in the coming years to one day becoming a lawyer.

About Paralegals

Paralegals are legal professionals who are permitted to provide legal services within permitted areas of practice such as the Small Claims Court, the Landlord and Tenant Board and the Provincial Offences Court to name just a few.

In 2007, Ontario became the first jurisdiction in North America to license independent paralegals who, like lawyers, are regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Today there are over 2,500 independent paralegals providing legal services to the public and businesses across Ontario.


Our Team of Paralegals