Ontario Small Claims Court Forms 

Below is a list of the most commonly used Ontario Small Claims Court forms available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.  For a complete list visit www.ontariocourtforms.on.ca which is run by the Attorney General’s Court Services Division.  These forms constitute part of the Ontario Small Claims Court Rules.

NOTE: If you found this page because you are thinking about representing yourself may we first suggest you read our page “Risks and Perils of Self-Representation.

Primary Forms

Plaintiff’s Claim

Plaintiff's Claim Form 7A MS WordPlaintiff's Claim Form 7A PDF
Form 7A – Plaintiff’s Claim: If you wish to start a lawsuit this is the form you use.  The person who commences a lawsuit, also called a claim or an action, is referred to as the Plaintiff. The court fee to file a Plaintiff’s Claim is $75.  Once a Plaintiff’s Claim is served upon a Defendant the Defendant then has the option of filing a Defence (see next Ontario Small Claims Court forms).


Plaintiff's Claim Form 7A MS WordPlaintiff's Claim Form 7A PDF
Form 9A – Defence: If you are being sued and you wish to dispute the Plaintiff’s Claim then you need to file a Defence (normally within 20 days of being served with a Plaintiff’s Claim).  This form can be used in response to either a Plaintiff’s Claim or a Defendant’s Claim.  The court filing fee for a Defence is $40. After all of the Defendant’s have filed a Defence (or been noted in default) then the matter proceeds to a Settlement Conference.