Landlord Tenant Board Pricing

We Bill at $90 per Hour.

Typical Costs for Each Step Listed Below *


Description of Activity

Typical Costs


Most matters at the Landlord and Tenant Board are commenced by way of a notice.  If the issue is not resolved by way of a notice then the matter proceeds to an application.


These are the first steps in a proceeding.


If a landlord or tenant wishes the Landlord and Tenant Board to adjudicate on an issue then the party must complete an application spelling out the relief they are seeking and why.


If required after previous step.


In advance of the hearing, evidence and argument are put together and the witness (usually the client) is prepared for the hearing.


If required after previous step.


We conduct your hearing for you by managing evidence, ensuring compliance with procedures, making legal submissions, and responding to the opposing party.


If required after previous step.


Depending upon the nature of your order it may need to be enforced in which case additional fees and costs may apply.


If required after previous step.




The above fees and services are exclusive of board fees, taxes and disbursements and are intended for general litigation files only.  All of our services are subject to our “General Conditions of Service” as stated on the back of our Retainer Agreements, Invoices and/or Bills.

The charges shown above are based on the typical amount of hours spent on a client’s file and are not a binding estimate with respect to same.  While we have done our best to show our typical fees the actual amount hours spent for each step does vary from case-to-case and can vary greatly depending upon individual circumstances.

Additional hours over and above those shown most often occur if we are retained after a case has already started or if a matter involves multiple parties, multiple issues, multiple or expert witnesses.