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We are a team of licensed paralegals with years of experience and literally thousands of court appearances under our belt.  Our firm focuses strictly only civil litigation matters that fall within the $25,000 limit of the Ontario Small Claims Court.  By focusing exclusively on Small Claims Court related matters we are able to retain and continually enhance our expertise in civil litgation.  Our flat-fee pricing helps keep your legal fees manageable and predictable


Creditor Services

The use of a paralegal firm that is in business to litigate sends a strong message to your debtors that you are serious about getting paid.  With the recent increase to the monetary limit of the Ontario Small Claims Court we can help you collect debts that are up to $25,000.

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General Litigation

The Ontario Small Claims Court is able to hear most civil disputes that involve claims for money or property up to $25,000 (including claims that are reduced to this amount).   We have extensive experience with most types of cases that the court can hear.

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Debtor Services

If you are being sued by a creditor call us first – we can help.  You do have options other than bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.  We have years of experience representing debtors for whom we have collectively saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Effective Representation Does Make A Difference.™

1. Litigation is a knowledge-intensive enterprise.  

You are up against an unwilling adversary and the use of a company who is in business to litigate sends a strong message to your opposing party that you are serious about protecting your rights while ensuring those rights are advanced using appropriate legal principles, doctrines, and statutory law.  [Note: There are about 100 statutes and legal principles we use regularly.]

2. Court staff cannot give you giving legal advice.

Court staff can only provide limited assistance with court forms and procedures.  There is far more to litigation than simply completing forms correctly and many self-represented litigants becomes lulled into a false sense of security after they successfully complete forms but are otherwise ignorant of rules, law and procedure.

3. It’s not like the television program “Judge Judy.”  

The Small Claims Court is still an Ontario court of law and too many people think they can just attend at court and “tell their story.”  The reality is each party bears the responsibility to present their evidence in a manner consistent with the rules of procedure, make appropriate legal submissions, and know the law as it applies to their case.  There are no rehearsals and mistakes, even seemingly small ones, can be fatal


Everyone thought I was going to lose but due the extraordinary work of Justice Matters we won our case.

                      – K.C. Oakville, Ontario